• 356: Will Chatbots Be Everywhere?

    356: Will Chatbots Be Everywhere?

    Adam and Jeannie discuss the rapid evolution of chatbots across industries and how to make the best decisions around existing and emerging chatbot technology. Chatbots are the new black Chatbots are taking the world by storm! They’ve made their way into foodservice, retail, SaaS, and more. Typically, we catch on [...]

  • 355: Lisa Ford, Customer Service Excellence

    355: Lisa Ford, Customer Service Excellence

    Adam and Jeannie welcome customer service video training pioneer Lisa Ford to discuss her time-tested approach to achieving customer service excellence. About Lisa Ford Lisa Ford is known for her work on customer issues. Her ideas help companies create customer-focused cultures and keeping customers loyal. She is a speaker and author [...]

  • 354: Are you neglecting key moments in the customer journey?

    354: Are you neglecting key moments in the customer journey?

    Jeannie Walters CCXP explains how to find and leverage key moments that are typically overlooked, but have a great emotional impact on how customers perceive and remember the customer journey. Are you aware of the key moments in your customer journey? Are you focused on the customer journey? I mean [...]

Meet Your Hosts

Adam Toporek
Adam ToporekCustomers That Stick
Adam brings a different lens to customer experience improvement — one forged in the fires of small business and entrepreneurship. He loves making a customer’s day and finding the key drivers that move the needle on customer experience. He is on a mission to help organizations deliver Hero-Class™ customer service!

To learn more about Adam and what he can do for your organization, visit Customers That Stick®.

Jeannie Walters
Jeannie Walters360Connext
Jeannie has been investigating what makes customers tick for almost 20 years through her trademarked CXI® process. She is a global keynote speaker and writes for several publications. She hates waiting in line and bad digital experiences. Her company’s mission is to create fewer ruined days for customers!

To learn more about Jeannie and what she can do for your organization, visit 360Connext.