• 361: Ryan Minton, Thanks For Coming In Today

    361: Ryan Minton, Thanks For Coming In Today

    About Ryan Minton Ryan Minton is a customer service and employee experience expert, keynote speaker, author and the president of CRM hospitality and consulting. He has represented high profile brands such as Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Marriott International, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Ganette Ultimate Jet Charters, and the Cincinnati Reds. As a [...]

  • 360: The Airport Customer Experience

    360: The Airport Customer Experience

    Who owns what in an experience like travelling? The flying experience, TSA, the lines, the transportation within the terminal, the parking, etc? Adam and Jeannie talk about the forward-thinking Dallas Fort Worth airport, who actually have a customer service command center. Getting everyone to work together for a cohesive experience [...]

  • 359: Steve Woodruff, What Makes You Distinct?

    359: Steve Woodruff, What Makes You Distinct?

    About Steve Woodruff Steve Woodruff is known as the king of clarity in a world full of noise and distraction. Steve helps businesses craft a message so clear that they can be heard, remembered and referred. In over 30 years of business experience, he has consulted with companies ranging from [...]

Meet Your Hosts

Adam Toporek
Adam ToporekCustomers That Stick
Adam brings a different lens to customer experience improvement — one forged in the fires of small business and entrepreneurship. He loves making a customer’s day and finding the key drivers that move the needle on customer experience. He is on a mission to help organizations deliver Hero-Class™ customer service!

To learn more about Adam and what he can do for your organization, visit Customers That Stick®.

Jeannie Walters
Jeannie Walters360Connext
Jeannie has been investigating what makes customers tick for almost 20 years through her trademarked CXI® process. She is a global keynote speaker and writes for several publications. She hates waiting in line and bad digital experiences. Her company’s mission is to create fewer ruined days for customers!

To learn more about Jeannie and what she can do for your organization, visit 360Connext.