Outrageous Customer Demands

Adam and Jeannie discuss tips for dealing with outrageous customer demands the right way.

I’m sorry, you want what? When!?

People are sometimes just irrational… Or, are they? Sooner or later, you’ll eventually be faced with outrageous customer demands. Emotions can run on overdrive in these situations, so it’s important to keep yours in check while staying sensitive to your customer’s! How do you handle these situations without losing your cool, or without losing a customer?

If you haven’t already, soon you will have a situation where it seems impossible to deliver what a customer is asking for. Are they out of line, or just having trouble expressing their needs and concerns? Before you decide there’s nothing you can do to make them happy, first consider these tips from Adam and Jeannie. These three steps can help you keep things in perspective for yourself and your customer. Listen in!

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