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Adam and Jeannie celebrate our 200th episode by sharing actionable takeaways and thought-provoking quotes from some of our most inspiring guests.

200 strong and growing!

We’re thrilled to announce our 200th episode, so we thought we’d bring you highlights from some of our prominent themes and inspiring thought leaders! From robots taking over the world to driving customer-focused change, we’ve worked hard to bring you guests and topics to help facilitate your success in today’s business world.

Content is king

One of our favorite subjects, we just couldn’t share enough with you!

Content marketing is all the rage, but it’s not just about pumping out compelling ads. It’s a vital part of the customer journey, and when misunderstood, it can damage customer relationships. We’ve brought you some of the very best minds in content creation and marketing, so you can produce and share content that provides instant value and connects seamlessly with your true customer journey.

Customer-focused innovation and tech

Technology is taking over a lot of our tasks in business, but make no mistake- successful innovation is driven by customers’ needs. From artificial intelligence to the user experience, we’ve interviewed some of the best names in understanding what customers really need from tech, and what they’ll want next.

Where does your tech intersect with customer service, and how does it affect the overall customer experience?

Culture, team-building and change

Your customers keep changing, so to stay (or become) successful, your organization must change along with them. But how do you know what to change, and when? How can you facilitate change without turning your culture upside-down, alienating customers, and succumbing to pushback from employees?

We’ve interviewed leading change experts, as well as customer service and customer experience revolutionaries, to help you take a smarter approach to customer-focused change. These guests have led some of the most successful teams in the world into change initiatives that get measurable results. Take advantage of their success stories and time-tested processes!

Thank you!

We’d like to thank all our guests for making Crack the Customer Code a success! We’re sad we couldn’t feature more of our favorites, but that would be an immense download! They have all brought us unforgettable insights and immeasurable value.

And many, many thanks to our listeners, for sticking with us through our own changes, offering your great comments, support and suggestions.

Let us know who you’d like us to interview, and what you’d like to learn about next!

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