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401: Annette Franz, Customer Understanding

About Annette Franz Annette Franz has a wonderful new book she named Customer Understanding. Annette is a CCXP and the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc – a customer experience consultancy. With more than 25 years of experience in her field, she is an international thought leader, coach, keynote speaker, and the author of [...]

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400 Episodes (and we’re still talking to each other)

Welcome to a very special episode of Crack the Customer Code – our 400th episode! For such a special occasion, we thought we would look back at history. It's been so long since we started having conversations over a glass of bourbon, so it's nice to think back and let you know how we changed. [...]

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399: Alexandra Watkins, Choosing Brand and Product Names

About Alexandra Watkins Alexandra Watkins is the author of ‘Hello, My Name is Awesome’ and Chief Executive Boss Lady of ‘Eat My Words’, a branding firm specializing in names that make people smile instead of scratch their heads. In this episode, you'll learn: How we name things and why it’s so important to customer service [...]

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398: Will CX Become Winner Takes All?

The customer wins, the company wins, the team wins, everyone wins! That's the beauty of CX, and that's why it's important. In this episode, we talk about the latest research that suggests that successful CX programs will continue to grow and succeed, while other CX programs will simply disappear altogether. We are very likely to [...]

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397: Steve Farber, Love is Good Business!

About Steve Farber We are here to talk about something that’s often forgotten in the world of business – love. We are joined by Steve Farber, the former Vice President of the legendary management guru Tom Peters Company. He is also the founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute – an organization devoted to [...]

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396: Kill The Siloes!

In this solo episode with Jeannie Walters, she talks about siloes – the often discussed term in the business world, and especially in customer experience. They are such a vital problem today that we often talk about them as the mortal enemy of excellent customer experience. Even though that's entirely true, Jeannie wants to make [...]

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395: Guy Marion, Subscription Economy Retention

About Guy Marion Guy Marion has a unique position to give us an inside scope of the retention and subscription industry. He talks a lot about how it works and what leaders can do to improve their retention. Companies are much better off today by having a net retention that shows their customers will pay [...]

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394: Do You Need A CX Think Week?

Thinking about thinking matters! It's not a weird concept, and it's not a tautology, it's a valid concept which we seem to have forgotten entirely. The world of today is so hectic and distracting that it's no wonder most of us rarely just sit down to think. You can sit to think about what you've [...]

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393: Antony Brydon, AI Customer Service

About Antony Brydon Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big part of our world today, and it’s affecting customer experience as well. That’s why we are here today with our guest Antony Brydon to talk about how it affects customer experience, how it’s changing the current game, and how it’s giving us a glimpse into the [...]

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392: Don’t Let Contractors Ruin Your Customer Experience

The freelancer or contractor economy has risen with great might and has started to influence the overall customer experience in different ways. From the way it limits the delivery of excellent customer experience, to how it creates new and vital opportunities. In essence, there are both good and bad sides to this change. However, one [...]

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