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256: How Not to Hire Idiots When You’re Desperate

Jeannie and Adam share expert tips for hiring the right talent in a pinch. […]

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255: (Tip) Your Org Chart vs. Your Customers

Jeannie shares 3 tips to prevent organizational structure from negatively affecting the customer experience. […]

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254: Rocky Romanella, Tighten the Lug Nuts

Jeannie and Adam interview Rocky Romanella, author of Tighten the Lug Nuts:The Principles of Balanced Leadership. […]

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253: (Tip) Situational Awareness in Customer Service

Jeannie and Adam report live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2017 conference to discuss the power of situational awareness in customer service. […]

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252: Alison Herzog, Dell Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie interview Alison Herzog, head of global social business strategy at Dell, about “deep listening” on a large scale. […]

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251: (Tip) 3 OTHER Customer Segments

Jeannie and Adam explore critical customer segments that typically get ignored when designing customer experiences. […]

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250: (Tip) Speed Up Your Customer’s Experience

Adam shares 7 ways to deliver a faster customer experience without sacrificing quality, vital details, or personalization. […]

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249: How Customer Service Training Goes Wrong

Adam and Jeannie discuss several ways customer service training goes wrong, how that impacts the customer experience, and what you can do to fix it. […]

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248: (Tip) 3 Moments of Truth

Adam and Jeannie explore some universal customer tipping points, or moments of truth in the customer journey, for you to examine today. […]

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247: (Tip) 3 Powerful Questions

Jeannie shares 3 powerful questions to get actionable feedback from customers. […]

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