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February 2017

182: (Tip) Advocating for Customers

Jeannie shares a few simple ways advocating for customers can greatly improve overall experience and what any organization can do to get started. […]

January 2017

181: (Tip) Handling Outrageous Customer Demands

Adam and Jeannie discuss tips for dealing with outrageous customer demands the right way. […]

180: John DiJulius, The Customer Service Revolution

Bestselling author John DiJulius shares what it takes to join the Customer Service Revolution and differentiate your brand with world-class service. […]

179: (Tip) Staffing Automated Customer Service

Adam shares tips for using automated customer service while keeping in tune with customers and preventing disasters. […]

178: (Tip) Non-Financial Employee Incentives

Adam and Jeannie share tips for creating employee incentives that don’t break the bank. […]

177: The ROI of Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie share tips for calculating the ROI of customer experience improvement in your organization. […]

176: (Tip) Hiring a Customer-Centric Employee

Jeannie shares expert hiring tips to help you avoid costly mistakes. Bring in a truly customer-centric employee who is a great addition to your team. […]

175: (Tip) How Business Schools Can Add Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie are champions from the customer-centric school of Hard Knocks, and they’re sharing a few things that are missing from the typical curriculum at business schools. […]

174: Robert Scoble, Augmented Reality and the Fourth Transformation

Today we discuss the business impact of augmented reality now and in the future with technology titan and “The Fourth Transformation” co-author Robert Scoble. […]

173: (Tip) Resolving Customer Service Issues

Adam shares best practices for resolving customer issues and a simple time-tested process you can share with your front-line associates. […]

172: (Tip) Personalizing the Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie share a few valuable tips about personalizing the customer experience. […]

171: This Podcast in 2017

Adam and Jeannie discuss exciting new changes to make your favorite customer-focused business podcast even better in 2017. […]

November 2016

170: What’s Happening Next

Adam and Jeannie discuss exciting new changes to make your favorite customer-focused business podcast even better in 2017. […]

169: Election Day Customer Experience Lessons

Today we discuss how the results from the recent US Election Day betrayed the projections made from massive amounts of data. […]

168: Nate Brown, Service Center Engagement

Today we explore ways to create outstanding service center engagement with renowned speaker and HDI certified Support Center Manager Nate Brown. […]

167: Signs You’re Losing a Customer

Today we explore proactive ways to tell when you’re losing a customer. Can you recognize the warning signs? […]

166: Justin Deese, Blue Collar Service

Adam and Jeannie discuss the challenges and benefits of instilling customer-centric thinking in service technicians with Justin Deese, CEO of The Blue Collar Business Group. […]

165: Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Adam and Jeannie discuss ways many companies fail to get ready for the holidays, and how you can start preventing customer service disasters today. […]

October 2016

164: Doug Sandler, Nice Guys Finish First

Customer engagement thought leader Doug Sandler joins us to discuss highlights from his bestselling book, Nice Guys Finish First. […]

163: When to Update Customer Journey Maps

Today we’re sharing expert tips and best practices for keeping customer journey maps current and making them more useful. […]

162: Joy Marsden, Keep Stepping

Adam and Jeannie discuss leadership skills that drive customer experience success with international change advocate and author of Keep Stepping, Joy Marsden. […]

161: How to Approach Customer Threats

Today we discuss infrastructure and the ability to fit into the customer ecosystem as key factors behind the success of any game-changing innovation. […]

160: Blake Morgan, More is More

Today we interview author and customer experience expert Blake Morgan to discuss the future of customer experience and her new book, More is More. […]

159: No Budget for Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie discuss ways you can make noticeable improvements when there’s little or no budget for customer experience initiatives. […]