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October 2017

285: When to Disclose Bad News to Customers?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the Equifax data breach and how to decide when it’s right to disclose issues to customers. […]

284: Nick Francis, HelpScout Customer Service

Jeannie and Adam smash the myths about customer support software and remote collaboration with HelpScout CEO and Co-founder Nick Francis. […]

283: Pay Attention to Customers

Adam explores real-life situations that exemplify commonly wasted retail opportunities in brick-and-mortar customer service. […]

282: Stephen Shapiro, Innovating Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie interview Master of Innovation Stephen Shapiro for a better approach to innovating customer experience and more. […]

281: CX Clichés and Overused Examples

Jeannie and Adam break down some common CX clichés and unoriginal thoughts that stifle truly customer-centric thinking and doing. […]

280: Lesley Lykins, CX Day

In this special edition CX Day episode, Adam and Jeannie interview Lesley Lykins, Executive Director of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. […]

September 2017

279: Is Efficient Customer Service Best?

Jeannie and Adam question the meaning of efficiency and uncover hidden and unnecessary challenges to providing efficient customer service. […]

278: Stacey Hanke, Communicate with Influence

Adam and Jeannie interview Stacey Hanke, influence expert and author of Influence Redefined…Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be. […]

277: 5 Digital Experience Offenses

Jeannie shares her expertise in digital experience evaluation with 5 sales-killing offenses even the best of us commit and tips to make good on them. […]

276: Nora Burns, HR Undercover

Jeannie and Adam explore hiring and new employee processes from the candidate’s perspective with Undercover Candidate™ Nora Burns. […]

275: (Tip) Go Negative with Your Training

Should you avoid all negativity in customer service training? Adam shares research data, case studies, and expert advice. […]

274: Nienke Bloem, Gamifying Customer Experience

Jeannie and Adam interview Nienka Bloem, Certified Customer Experience Professional and creator of the Customer Experience Game. […]

273: (Tip) What Is a Moment of Truth?

Adam and Jeannie share tips for defining, finding and optimizing every moment of truth within your customer journey. […]

272: Kristina Quinones, MeetEdgar Customer Service

Jeannie and Adam interview Kristina Quinones, head of customer experience at MeetEdgar, about amazing growth through a unique approach at customer service. […]

August 2017

271: Take It To the Top – Tesla’s New Strategy

Jeannie and Adam discuss the pros and cons of Tesla’s new strategy for escalating customer service issues. […]

270: John-Paul Narowski, KarmaCRM

Adam and Jeannie interview karmaCRM founder John-Paul Narowski about smarter ways to manage and nurture customer relationships. […]

269: We’re Listening

Adam and Jeannie announce exciting changes to our show inspired by feedback from our our fans, friends and listeners. […]

268: Microchipping Employees

Jeannie and Adam discuss microchipping employees with RFID devices and how this tech may affect culture and the customer experience. […]

267: 3 Questions for Employees

Jeannie shares 3 powerful employee engagement questions to assess and improve engagement levels for improved customer experiences and better business outcomes overall. […]

266: Chip Bell, Innovating Service

Adam and Jeannie interview bestselling author Chip Bell to discover how the best brands are innovating service to create value-unique experiences. […]

265: (Tip) Chatbots and Humans

Jeannie and Adam share research and expert tips for getting chatbots and humans to work together in harmony. […]

264: (Tip) Mobile Potential

Adam and Jeannie share tips to unlock your full mobile potential and deliver what customers need most in the moment. […]

263: Merit Gest, Sales Engagement

Adam and Jeannie interview Merit Gest to discuss powerful sales engagement and onboarding strategies for customer-focused sales teams. […]

262: Ecommerce Still Not Getting It Right

Adam and Jeannie explore recent research about prevailing ecommerce experience pet peeves and offer creative solutions. […]