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October 2016

158: Christoff Weihman, Excellerate Service

Christoff Weihman, bestselling author and coordinator of the Excellerate Service 2016 conference, shares his secrets to 5-star service in the hospitality industry. […]

157: Employee Incentives and Unintended Consequences

Today we discuss employee incentives and how they can actually work against our long-term goals. […]

156: John Dwyer, WOW Marketing

Adam and Jeannie discuss Wow Marketing and the power of adding value for customers with JD Dwyer, founder of The Institute of Wow. […]

September 2016

155: Don’t Forget the Baby Boomers

In today’s short but sweet episode, we discuss the importance of considering Baby Boomers when designing products and improving experiences. […]

154: Adrian Swinscoe, How to Wow

Adam and Jeannie interview bestselling author and Forbes columnist Adrian Swinscoe and discuss highlights from his latest book, How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing. […]

153: Training for New Customer Service Technology

Some of the ways we approach great new customer service technology often create unnecessary rifts in the customer experience. What should you know before you upgrade? […]

152: Daniel Lemin, Manipurated

Today we’re uncovering what every small business owner needs to know about online reviews with Daniel Lemin, reputation expert and author of Manipurated. […]

151: Bringing the Experience to the Customers

Adam and Jeannie discuss the growing trend of integrating customer experiences with experiences people are already having in their daily lives. […]

150: Phil Gerbyshak, Social Connections

Bestselling author and global speaker Phil Gerbyshak shares his energy and passion for creating powerful social connections with customers. […]

149: Customer Service and Technology Investment

Must customer service and technology fail at the same time? Today we discuss how to prepare for tech failures and prevent them from creating nightmares for customers. […]

148: Randi Busse, Workforce Development

Adam and Jeannie discuss customer-centric workforce development with author, speaker, and Workforce Development Group president and founder, Randi Busse. […]

147: Private Social Media for Customer Service

Direct messaging and chat are growing as part of social customer service. Omnichannel is taking on a new meaning for customers! Are you ready? […]

August 2016

146: Casey Carpenter, Sales Breakthrough Coach

Adam and Jeannie discuss the overlap of sales and customer experience with author and sales coach, Casey Carpenter. […]

145: Defining Bad Customer Service

Today we discuss how the wrong perspective on bad customer service blinds us to the vital insight we need to make improvements where they are needed the most. […]

144: Eddie Turner, Facilitating Change

Adam and Jeannie join veteran change agent Eddie Turner to discuss his innovative methods for facilitating change smoothly and effectively. […]

143: How Augmented Reality is Changing Customer Experience

Today we discuss some of the practical ways augmented reality (AR) can enhance marketing and overall customer experiences. […]

142: Anna Liotta, Unlocking Generational Codes

Adam and Jeannie have a fascinating and entertaining discussion with Anna Liotta, author of Unlocking Generational CODES. […]

141: When Customers Don’t Want Your Help

Today we discuss how customer service situations turn bad or worse when the customer is refusing help offered by front-line employees. […]

140: Bryan Kramer, The Art of Shareology

Today we join bestselling author and TEDx speaker Bryan Kramer to discuss the power of sharing to drive customer engagement and create lasting human connections. […]

139: The Role of Content in Customer Service

Live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2016 conference, Adam and Jeannie discuss ways to use content in customer service and improve the overall experience. […]

138: Becky Spohn, Professional Confidence Builder

Live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2016 conference, Adam and Jeannie tackle the challenges women face in building professional confidence with expert and speaker, Becky Spohn. […]

July 2016

137: Culture and Customer Service

Reporting live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2016 conference, Adam and Jeannie discuss the connection between culture and customer service excellence. […]

136: Jane Anderson, Customer Service for Personal Brands

Adam and Jeannie interview personal branding expert Jane Anderson live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2016 Convention. […]

135: History as a Sales Point

Today we discuss company longevity as a sales point and whether or not it can still have a positive marketing impact on today’s consumers. […]