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February 2017

183: Online Reviews More Important Than Ever

We’ve learned some startling facts about how online reviews affect the decisions your customers make, so we’re sharing tips on how to take action today. […]

182: (Tip) Advocating for Customers

Jeannie shares a few simple ways advocating for customers can greatly improve overall experience and what any organization can do to get started. […]

January 2017

181: (Tip) Handling Outrageous Customer Demands

Adam and Jeannie discuss tips for dealing with outrageous customer demands the right way. […]

180: John DiJulius, The Customer Service Revolution

Bestselling author John DiJulius shares what it takes to join the Customer Service Revolution and differentiate your brand with world-class service. […]

179: (Tip) Staffing Automated Customer Service

Adam shares tips for using automated customer service while keeping in tune with customers and preventing disasters. […]

178: (Tip) Non-Financial Employee Incentives

Adam and Jeannie share tips for creating employee incentives that don’t break the bank. […]

177: The ROI of Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie share tips for calculating the ROI of customer experience improvement in your organization. […]

176: (Tip) Hiring a Customer-Centric Employee

Jeannie shares expert hiring tips to help you avoid costly mistakes. Bring in a truly customer-centric employee who is a great addition to your team. […]

175: (Tip) How Business Schools Can Add Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie are champions from the customer-centric school of Hard Knocks, and they’re sharing a few things that are missing from the typical curriculum at business schools. […]

174: Robert Scoble, Augmented Reality and the Fourth Transformation

Today we discuss the business impact of augmented reality now and in the future with technology titan and “The Fourth Transformation” co-author Robert Scoble. […]

173: (Tip) Resolving Customer Service Issues

Adam shares best practices for resolving customer issues and a simple time-tested process you can share with your front-line associates. […]

172: (Tip) Personalizing the Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie share a few valuable tips about personalizing the customer experience. […]

171: This Podcast in 2017

Adam and Jeannie discuss exciting new changes to make your favorite customer-focused business podcast even better in 2017. […]

November 2016

170: What’s Happening Next

Adam and Jeannie discuss exciting new changes to make your favorite customer-focused business podcast even better in 2017. […]

169: Election Day Customer Experience Lessons

Today we discuss how the results from the recent US Election Day betrayed the projections made from massive amounts of data. […]

168: Nate Brown, Service Center Engagement

Today we explore ways to create outstanding service center engagement with renowned speaker and HDI certified Support Center Manager Nate Brown. […]

167: Signs You’re Losing a Customer

Today we explore proactive ways to tell when you’re losing a customer. Can you recognize the warning signs? […]

166: Justin Deese, Blue Collar Service

Adam and Jeannie discuss the challenges and benefits of instilling customer-centric thinking in service technicians with Justin Deese, CEO of The Blue Collar Business Group. […]

165: Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Adam and Jeannie discuss ways many companies fail to get ready for the holidays, and how you can start preventing customer service disasters today. […]

October 2016

164: Doug Sandler, Nice Guys Finish First

Customer engagement thought leader Doug Sandler joins us to discuss highlights from his bestselling book, Nice Guys Finish First. […]

163: When to Update Customer Journey Maps

Today we’re sharing expert tips and best practices for keeping customer journey maps current and making them more useful. […]

162: Joy Marsden, Keep Stepping

Adam and Jeannie discuss leadership skills that drive customer experience success with international change advocate and author of Keep Stepping, Joy Marsden. […]

161: How to Approach Customer Threats

Today we discuss infrastructure and the ability to fit into the customer ecosystem as key factors behind the success of any game-changing innovation. […]

160: Blake Morgan, More is More

Today we interview author and customer experience expert Blake Morgan to discuss the future of customer experience and her new book, More is More. […]