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July 2018

327: Jeff Toister, Service Culture

Bestselling author and global speaker Jeff Toister returns to the show with amazing tips and actions for creating and executing on your vision for an outstanding service culture. […]

June 2018

326: Succeeding with Difficult Customers

Adam and Jeannie share tips and insights around succeeding with, rather than dealing with, difficult customers. Plus, we’re introducing Adam’s new course to help you become a pro at this! […]

325: Kelsey Brown, Fighting for Transparent Pricing

Jeannie and Adam discuss how lack of transparent pricing harms your business and what you can do to stop feeding into the “norm” of hidden fees without jeopardizing your sales. […]

324: A Good Product Is Not Enough

Adam tells a customer experience horror story about a good product surrounded by a nightmarish customer journey. The scary part is that your brand could be doing this to customers! […]

323: Neen James, Attention Pays

Jeannie and Adam interview Neen James, global speaker and bestselling author, to expose the difference between intentional and transactional attentions, and how that difference is vital to your success in business and beyond. […]

May 2018

322: Rise of the Service Machines

Adam and Jeannie discuss facts and insights around emerging customer service tech in the retail and foodservice industries. […]

321: Jesse Cole, Revolutionizing the Ballpark Experience

Jeannie and Adam interview Savannah Bananas owner Jesse Cole, whose transformation of the ballpark experience has turned an underdog sports team into a booming business. […]

320: The STORY of Retail Experience

Jeannie and Adam explore the innovative retail experience created by STORY and how you can surprise your own customers with unexpected value in the in-store shopping experience. […]

319: Jeanne Bliss, Is Your CX Mom-worthy?

Jeannie and Adam interview 35-year customer experience pro Jeanne Bliss about her new book “Would You Do That To Your Mother? The ‘Make Mom Proud’ Standard For How To Treat Your Customers.” […]

318: How Important Is the CX of Former Customers?

Jeannie Walters CCXP shares expert tips for engaging former customers and insights on how to treat those who are leaving you. How can your brand flourish by focusing on these parts of the journey? […]

April 2018

317: Anne Bahr Thompson, Do Good

Jeannie and Adam discuss the concept of social responsibility with Anne Bahr Thompson, author of Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit. […]

316: Can Toys R Us Survive?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the looming demise of Toys R Us and how a greater focus on customer experience innovation could make all the difference. […]

315: Joey Coleman, Never Lose a Customer

Jeannie and Adam interview award winning speaker and author Joey Coleman to discuss how the first 100 days is critical to increase customer retention and ultimately, lifetime profit. […]

7 Ways to Be a Great Podcast Guest

It’s been more than three years and more than 300 episodes so far. Adam Toporek and I have gone from podcast rookies to almost podcast pros. In just the first few dozen episodes, we interviewed [...]

314: The Power of Empowerment: What I Wish I Knew

Adam Toporek reveals how lack of employee empowerment creates unnecessary challenges for growing businesses and shares how you can empower your staff to deliver better experiences. […]

March 2018

313: Is AmazonGo the Future?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the innovative approach of AmazonGo and how it may forever change the retail customer experience. […]

312: John Garrett, The Personal Side of Business

Jeannie and Adam discuss the Green Apple concept and how personal interests make us better professionals with Green Apple podcast host and CPA turned comedian, John Garrett. […]

311: Which Retail Touchpoints Matter Most

Adam Toporek shares research and expert insights for discovering which retail touchpoints are most important to your customers. […]

310: Clint Schaff, The L.A. Times Experience

Jeannie and Adam discuss the shifting landscape of storytelling in journalism with L.A. Times VP of Strategy and Development Clint Schaff. […]

February 2018

309: Common Leadership Biases in Your Way of Success

Jeannie shares tips to help you recognize and overcome some of the most common and counterproductive leadership biases. […]

308: Jacob Morgan, The Future of Work

Adam and Jeannie explore the Future of Work with Futurist, Keynote Speaker, & Best-Selling Author Jacob Morgan. […]

307: It’s Not My Job, Adam

Something important needs to be done and employees say “It’s not my job!” This happens A LOT! In this episode, Jeannie and Adam explore why this happens and how to fix it. […]

306: Eric Porres, Personalized Video Experience

Adam and Jeannie interview SundaySky CMO Eric Porres to discuss the new age of personalized video and how personal data is rolled in to drive serious engagement. […]

January 2018

305: Supporting Your Team in the Retail Apocalypse

  Jeannie and Adam discuss ways to inform your team and keep them motivated through the retail apocalypse. […]