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July 2017

255: (Tip) Your Org Chart vs. Your Customers

Jeannie shares 3 tips to prevent organizational structure from negatively affecting the customer experience. […]

254: Rocky Romanella, Tighten the Lug Nuts

Jeannie and Adam interview Rocky Romanella, author of Tighten the Lug Nuts:The Principles of Balanced Leadership. […]

253: (Tip) Situational Awareness in Customer Service

Jeannie and Adam report live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2017 conference to discuss the power of situational awareness in customer service. […]

252: Alison Herzog, Dell Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie interview Alison Herzog, head of global social business strategy at Dell, about “deep listening” on a large scale. […]

251: (Tip) 3 OTHER Customer Segments

Jeannie and Adam explore critical customer segments that typically get ignored when designing customer experiences. […]

250: (Tip) Speed Up Your Customer’s Experience

Adam shares 7 ways to deliver a faster customer experience without sacrificing quality, vital details, or personalization. […]

249: How Customer Service Training Goes Wrong

Adam and Jeannie discuss several ways customer service training goes wrong, how that impacts the customer experience, and what you can do to fix it. […]

248: (Tip) 3 Moments of Truth

Adam and Jeannie explore some universal customer tipping points, or moments of truth in the customer journey, for you to examine today. […]

247: (Tip) 3 Powerful Questions

Jeannie shares 3 powerful questions to get actionable feedback from customers. […]

June 2017

246: Chase Clemons, Basecamp’s Customer Service Ethic

Adam and Jeannie discuss Basecamp’s customer service ethic and tackle some of the top challenges faced by support professionals. […]

245: Vicky Smitley, Business Plans and CX

In this special edition “live” from C-Suite Network conference, we discuss the importance of including customer experience in business plans with Vicky Smitley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hearthside Food Solutions. […]

244: (Tip) The Magic of 1-to-1 Experiences

Adam shares his thoughts on the importance of 1-to-1 experiences as we hand parts of the experience over to technology. […]

243: How Corporate Myths Hurt Customers

Adam and Jeannie explore how corporate myths affect culture and customer experience, ways to identify them, and what you can do to set things straight. […]

242: Jason Forrest, The Power of Customer Certainty

In this special edition “live” from C-Suite Network conference, three-time Stevie Award winner Jason Forrest discusses the power of customer certainty. […]

241: (Tip) Understanding Customer Touchpoints

Jeannie shares tips for understanding customer touchpoints from the customer’s perspective and taking action. […]

240: Matt Dixon, Kick-Ass Customer Service

Bestselling author and customer service expert Matt Dixon to uncovers surprising facts and common misconceptions about delivering low-effort service. […]

239: Customer Survey Mistakes

Adam and Jeannie share common customer survey mistakes and how to avoid them to get thoughtful responses. […]

238: (Tip) Pay Attention to Your Customers, Or Else

Adam shares tips for embracing showrooming to compete with online retailers. […]

237: Peter Friedman, Customer Service Messaging Apps

Adam interviews Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld, a social customer experience company, about the changing landscape of customer service messaging. […]

236: (Tip) Customer Experience Sprints

Adam and Jeannie share 3 powerful ideas to make quick progress with customer experience sprints. […]

235: Customer Experience Touchpoint Tips

What is a customer experience touchpoint? Jeannie shatters common myths and shares tips for a more customer-centric and actionable approach. […]

234: Tips for Customer Service Bots

Are you using customer service bots? So much can go wrong! With Adam and Jeannie to help, you can use them to save time AND deliver better experiences. […]

May 2017

233: (Tip) Beware of Organizational Conformity

Adam explains the neuroscience behind different types of organizational conformity, how they help or harm your business, and how to strike a good balance. […]

232: Negative Emotions Have a Bigger Impact on CX

Adam and Jeannie discuss neuroscience and new study data to better understand the emotional impact on CX. […]