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January 2018

301: Will Experience Be Your Difference This Year?

Adam shares expert advice for making customer experience your competitive advantage in 2018. […]

December 2017

300: Celebrating 300 Episodes (with live guitar)

Jeannie and Adam celebrate 300 episodes by sharing outrageous predictions for the distant future of customer experience and customer service. […]

299: Operationalizing New Channels

Adam and Jeannie share tips for making new channels a seamless part of the overall customer experience from the inside out. […]

298: Michel Falcon, Incredible Experience Tips

Adam and Jeannie interview Michel Falcon to explore employee and customer engagement strategies that lead to amazing experiences that scale. […]

November 2017

297: How to Balance Promises with Performance

Adam and Jeannie discuss how to balance your performance and resources with the promises you make to customers. […]

296: Jeffrey Shaw, The Lingo of Customers

Adam and Jeannie discover how to attract your ideal customers with Jeffrey Shaw, author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language. […]

295: A Leader’s Guide to the Holidays

In this mini leadership guide for the holidays, Jeannie and Adam share tips and ideas to make the holiday season more meaningful and less stressful for customers and employees alike. […]

294: Katy Lynch, The Codeverse Experience

Adam and Jeannie discuss an innovative approach to the education experience with Katy Lynch, Co-founder and CMO at Codeverse. […]

293: Are Millennials Killing Your Industry?

Adam and Jeannie discuss updated insights on millennial trends, including how and what they buy and what this could mean for your industry in the future. […]

292: Mark Podolsky, Happy Customers Guaranteed

Adam and Jeannie interview Mark Podolsky about keeping customers happy while maintaining a passive income. […]

291: LinkedIn Learning for Customer-Focused Leaders

Jeannie and Adam discuss the content and creation process behind Jeannie’s new customer experience course on LinkedIn Learning. […]

290: Ian Golding, Operationalizing Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie interview global customer experience professional Ian Golding to conquer the challenges of operationalizing customer experience. […]

289: Transitions and Gaps in CX

Jeannie exposes unexpected gaps in CX created by transition processes and procedures within the customer journey. […]

October 2017

288: Amy Climer, Fostering Creativity

Adam and Jeannie interview creativity and innovation expert Amy Climer, Ph.D. to discover how to foster creativity in your team. […]

287: The Multi-Device Customer Journey

Jeannie and Adam discuss today’s multi-device customer journey and share tips and ideas for optimizing a truly omnichannel experience. […]

286: Anthony Iannarino, Commitments Are for Closers

Adam and Jeannie interview bestselling author and leading sales expert Anthony Iannarino. […]

285: When to Disclose Bad News to Customers?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the Equifax data breach and how to decide when it’s right to disclose issues to customers. […]

284: Nick Francis, HelpScout Customer Service

Jeannie and Adam smash the myths about customer support software and remote collaboration with HelpScout CEO and Co-founder Nick Francis. […]

283: Pay Attention to Customers

Adam explores real-life situations that exemplify commonly wasted retail opportunities in brick-and-mortar customer service. […]

282: Stephen Shapiro, Innovating Customer Experience

Adam and Jeannie interview Master of Innovation Stephen Shapiro for a better approach to innovating customer experience and more. […]

281: CX Clichés and Overused Examples

Jeannie and Adam break down some common CX clichés and unoriginal thoughts that stifle truly customer-centric thinking and doing. […]

280: Lesley Lykins, CX Day

In this special edition CX Day episode, Adam and Jeannie interview Lesley Lykins, Executive Director of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. […]

September 2017

279: Is Efficient Customer Service Best?

Jeannie and Adam question the meaning of efficiency and uncover hidden and unnecessary challenges to providing efficient customer service. […]

278: Stacey Hanke, Communicate with Influence

Adam and Jeannie interview Stacey Hanke, influence expert and author of Influence Redefined…Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be. […]